on behalf of MAca, master of architectonic communication in 2021 we are organizing the international gathering sola_s, which we present to you.

MAca is an official university master's degree guided by professors and researchers from the polytechnic (upm) and complutense (ucm) universities of madrid and offered at the madrid higher technical school of architecture (etsam). MAca, from a contextualized and transfeminist perspective, approaches architecture as a mediation device and a strategic instrument to build more inclusive, dignified, and sustainable alternative practices.

sola_s is developed as a curatorial project designed by the MAca6 community under the guise of mediation and global and spatial communication.

the sola_s international gathering is part of a transdisciplinary research project, elaborated by the higher technical school of architecture’s hypermedia research group, in collaboration with the ordinary sociology research group at the complutense university of madrid’s faculty of sociology.

sola_s organizing committee is formed by: atxu amann alcocer, flavio martella, carol linares, helena gallego, gonzalo pardo, maría cecilia cordero, iván rando, lucía gutiérrez vázquez, nicolás barrena, jose luna, héctor ayarza, antonio huerta, ioanna aikaterini kalyvioti, yolanda garcia blanca villasante gavieiro, anny marce peña perea, xiu zitong, jorge y. garcia perez.

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