sola_s‌ is an international gathering

concerning the daily lives of people who live alone: listening to their discourses, analyzing the politics and networks of care that sustain them, and describing the various spatial and temporal scales of their lives.

‌sola_s is a one-day long intervention of empowerment

that aims to document experiences, make conflicts visible, share reflections and create narratives that promote the right of human beings to live alone, regardless of their gender, race or social condition.

sola_s is a transfeminist research project

born from the architectural point of view, which studies complex realities and contributes to the construction of sustainable living practices, where one can have an urban and dignified life alone.

sola_s is a strategic act of recognition

‌to a situation of invisibility and social exclusion and, thereby demands new housing policy and updated planning strategies that contemplate a sense of expanded domesticity and empowers a sense of community.

sola_s is a contextualized celebration

in the city of madrid, where the world of architecture and the architecture of the world, dance together.